Terms and Conditions for Students at KIMT

By accepting an offer to study you are entering into a legally binding contract with the KIMT and confirm that you agree to these terms and conditions. We hope these detailed explanations provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your rights, responsibilities, and the policies that govern your educational journey at KIMT.

1. Your Rights and Obligations

1.1 In agreeing to these terms and conditions you are also agreeing to familiarize yourself with and adhere to all of the Institutions regulations, policies, procedures and rules. At the application stage you are required to adhere to the Institution’s Admissions Policy when providing information. Failure to do so may result in your application being rejected.
1.2 On receiving an offer you are required to adhere to the specific requirements of the offer letter and course for which you have applied.
1.3 Once enrolled, you may be subject to disciplinary action and the institution is entitled to terminate your enrolment if you fail to adhere to the full range of policies, procedures and rules set out at the end of this document.
1.4 The institution will, for the duration of your enrolment on the course, provide services in accordance with the published course information, policies and regulations. The details of the standard course duration, including month when studies commence, are provided in your offer letter and payment plan.

2. Documentation Required

2.1 In accepting an offer, you confirm that you have provided accurate details of your highest formal qualification and all relevant previous study on your application form.
2.2 At enrolment, you are required to present proof of your identity in the form of an original, approved ID document – e.g. passport. You are also required to present your qualifications as listed on your application.
2.3 We may ask you to submit original copies of passport and academic documents if required.
2.4 Failure to provide any of the documentation required may result in cancellation of the contract or withdrawal of the offer on written notice to you.

3. Enrollment

3.1 Upon submitting all documents and fulfilling the entire admission requirement student you will be considered as KIMT’s student.
3.2 KIMT will give you teacher supports, course materials, access to online resource, library and class facilities etc. upon discussion.
3.3 Your study period will commence right after the enrollment processes are done and institution will issue you a study plan mentioning the time needed for each semester.
3.4 You will get promotion to the next semester only if you can provide evidence to demonstrate that you have fulfilled all the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by all assessment criteria for the units you’re assigned of that semester.
3.5 If you don’t ensure your attendance in the class (online/physical) upto 60%, you will not be promoted for the next semester.
3.6 KIMT keeps all rights of cancelling a student enrollment anytime.

4. Fees

4.4 In accepting an offer you confirm that you are aware of the fees and charges relating to your course of study, as per the program cost plan, and that you are in a position to meet such charges on the due payment dates.
4.5 Students are required to pay course fees in accordance with the agreed payment plan. It’s your duty to collect and store the payment plan given by the KIMT. KIMT issues payment plan to each student during admission. Any excuse for losing it won’t be considered.
4.6 Fees may be paid by cash, credit card, bank deposit, online or by cheque.
4.7 Course fees are fixed from the point of entry and will remain the same for the duration of studies unless you are unable to complete in the standard timeframe and are required to re-enroll for a further period. In this case your fees will be charged at the same rate as the current year, which may be higher (Program fees are stable for the agreed period of time/terms only. If your payments are not made on agreed period time then your program amount may increase)
4.8 In addition to the listed tuition fee you may be required to pay some additional costs related to your course. Additional costs include ID card fee, British council examination fee, cultural program arrangement fee, certificate courier cost fee, certificate replacement/re-correction fee and miscellaneous expenses etc.
4.9 KIMT will manage a student account with the university on your behalf when you enroll. If, for any reason, a student fails to make the monthly tuition fee payment for 3 consecutive times, the student's account will be automatically closed, rendering it legally invalid. To reactivate the account, a re-enrollment fee of 100 USD must be paid to the KIMT.
4.10 If your tuition fees are to be paid for by a sponsor, you are required to submit a letter from your sponsor confirming their commitment at enrolment and at the beginning of each subsequent year of your studies.
4.11 Late fees may apply for missed installment payments. It's the student's responsibility to ensure timely payments. You will be responsible for paying USD 10 as late fee every time you miss the installment schedule.
4.12 All transaction charges related to paying admission fees or tuition, including bank fees, wire transfer charges, or other payment processing fees, must be paid by students. KIMT is not responsible for these additional charges.

5. Payment instructions

5.1 Monthly instalments should be paid on or before 7th of every month.
5.2 All the payments made to KIMT are non-refundable.
5.3 Instalments due must be paid by the 07th of the month as a general rule.
5.4 The Institute reserves the right of refusal to admit students, accept assignments or conduct examinations for students who are in arrears of dues beyond the stipulated dates.
5.5 A late payment fee of 10 USD per week is applicable if paid after the due date.

6. Studentship

6.1 Nonpayment of course fee for continuous 3 months will lead to automatic cancellation of studentship. See the 4.9 what is required if automatic cancellation occurs.
6.2 Nonpayment of course fee for continuous 5 months will lead to cancellation of registration with foreign affiliations (where applicable) without a prior notice.
6.3 Cumulative failure of 3 assessments will lead to suspension of your studentship.
6.4 Failure to attend classes exceeding 20% of total number of classes at a given time may lead to denial of acceptance of assignments or sitting for examinations.
6.5 Students are required to complete their academic programmes within the stipulated study cycle. Failing to complete studies on time will involve re-registration with the certificate awarding institution, subject to a payment. In the event of a batch transfer, student will be transferred to the prevailing payment plan and discounts will not be transferred.
6.6 In the event of a student being found guilty of an offense involving academic misconduct, the student will be liable for a penalty of GBP 157, or cancellation of studentship or both.
KIMT reserves the right to change the Lecture Schedule with / without prior notification.

7. Attestation & equivalence

7.1 It's essential to understand that the recognition of your KIMT certificate may differ from one country to another. Since our programs are conducted in collaboration with various universities and awarding bodies worldwide, and they are delivered through distance learning, we cannot guarantee that the certificate will automatically be recognized in your country. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you verify the recognition of your chosen.
7.2 program with the relevant authorities in your country before enrolling. It's essential to note that KIMT will not assume any responsibility for equivalency-related matters concerning the University Grant Commission (UGC) or any other local educational governing bodies. Ensuring that your educational qualifications align with the requirements set forth by your local authorities remains your responsibility.
7.3 But if you require your certificate earned through KIMT to be attested, we may assist you in facilitating this process. Please note that this service is subject to specific conditions and is primarily governed by the requirements of the country or institution where you intend to use the certificate. In that case, you will be responsible for covering all associated fees and charges related to the process. These fees are separate from your tuition and are determined based on the requirements of the attesting authority and the administrative costs involved.

8. Changes and Termination of Enrollment

8.1 You should be aware that KIMT reserves the right to make changes to the courses. This means that during your course of study, there may be adjustments to the curriculum, teaching methods, or other aspects of the program. These changes will be communicated to you in advance so that you can prepare accordingly.including discontinuing or combining courses if necessary: In some cases, courses that were initially offered may be discontinued due to low enrollment or other reasons. Additionally, if there are related courses that cover similar content, they might be combined to streamline the curriculum.
8.2 KIMT is committed to transparency. If there are substantial modifications to your program, you will be informed well ahead of time, allowing you to plan accordingly.
8.3 In certain circumstances, your enrollment may be terminated by KIMT. While we strive to support all our students, there are situations where termination of enrollment may be necessary. This could occur if you consistently fail to meet academic or financial requirements or if you engage in conduct that violates our institution's code of conduct.
8.4 Once you enroll in a program, you're expected to complete the entire duration as outlined in the course curriculum. If, for any reason, you wish to discontinue the program before its completion, please note that the full program fee will still apply.

9. Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Actions

9.1 You are expected to adhere to the institution's code of conduct. We have established a set of guidelines that outline expected behavior and ethical standards. As a student, you are expected to follow these guidelines at all times. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.
9.2 Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, which can include warnings, suspension, or expulsion. Disciplinary actions are measures taken when a student's behavior or actions do not align with our code of conduct. These actions can range from verbal warnings and written notices to more serious consequences like temporary suspension or even expulsion from the institution.

10. Use of Personal Information for Promotional Purposes

10.1 By enrolling in KIMT's programs and services, you provide consent for KIMT to use your photos, names, and contact information for promotional purposes. This consent covers various promotional channels, including but not limited to our official website, social media platforms (such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.), marketing materials, and other promotional content.
10.2 KIMT takes pride in the achievements and success stories of our students. Your consent allows us to highlight and showcase your academic and professional accomplishments as a part of our promotional efforts.
10.3 While we may use your information for promotional purposes, we are committed to protecting your privacy. We will not disclose sensitive or personal information beyond what is necessary for promotional activities.
10.4 If, at any point, you decide that you no longer wish to have your information used for promotional purposes, you have the option to opt out. Please contact our administrative team or refer to our privacy policy for more details on how to exercise this option.

11. Intellectual Property

11.1 You should respect intellectual property rights: This means that you should acknowledge and respect the work of others, including their ideas, research, and creative works. Avoiding plagiarism and upholding academic integrity are essential aspects of your studies.
11.2 and avoid plagiarism or any form of academic misconduct: Plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic misconduct undermine the learning process and the integrity of your education. You are expected to complete your assignments honestly and give credit to the sources you use in your work.

12. Communication

Effective communication is essential. Keeping your contact information up to date is crucial for effective communication between you and KIMT. We will use the contact details you provide to send important information and updates related to your studies.

13. Amendments to Terms and Conditions

Please be aware that KIMT may update these terms and conditions from time to time. Our commitment to providing the best education may necessitate occasional updates to these terms and conditions. Rest assured, you will always be informed of any changes.