Finding an activity that will allow everyone to be fulfilled requires several steps:

From self-knowledge, to their positioning on the market, through the discovery of professions, each student at KIMT, is supported throughout their course.

The mission of the corporate relations department is to introduce students to the professions and provide them with the tools they need to connect with the job market. Thus, they all have the same chances of positioning themselves with potential employers or of constructing a project which can lead to the creation of a business.

Thousands of professions to discover and create, because everything is to be built today and for the years to come. From Chief Digital Officer in digital, to Visual merchandiser in luxury, by the way, M&A Analyst in investment banking or Business Development Analyst or even Export Manager or International HR Consultant… each profession has its contributions, its good sides, its codes and its practices.

By developing partnerships, creating tools, organizing events, or supervising internship periods: KIMT makes every effort to accustom its students to the professional world.

Many European and international companies appreciate KIMT students for their ability to work with collective intelligence, agility and pragmatism. They know how to communicate, sell and negotiate while respecting the intercultural nature of each country. Thus, a healthy amount of job offers are offered each year to our students, who benefit from the active network of 500+ alumni.