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    What makes our business school different?

    We are a world class business school located in the heart of UAE. Known to offer accredited distance learning courses of UK. We are one of the fastest growing business schools in Middle East with a stylish blended learning model that includes both online degree programs and on campus.

    Course description

    This Top up MSc, you’ll gain insights into the world of marketing, with its ethical and societal implications. You’ll:

    • study core marketing areas, including marketing strategy, market research, brand management and buyer behaviour
    • learn about advanced marketing analytics
    • gain essential skills to help you measure success and improve the quality of marketing decisions
    • cover perspectives for ethical and socially responsible marketing decisions, and learn how to navigate the challenges and pitfalls
    • explore the role of marketing in influencing consumers towards more sustainable behaviour.

    Building on this foundation, you can tailor your degree to your career path. Options include digital marketing, new product development strategy, consumer psychology and the management of negotiation

    Course Content

    Course Structure

    This programme is consist of 2 stages. The first stage contains 6 studying subjects and the Second stage contains a work-based dissertation (12,000 words). All the studying subjects are taught online and are assessed by assignment.

    Students who complete the first stage (120 credits) will be awarded with the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Marketing qualification and will get promoted to the second stage. After successfully completing the second stage, the learner will be awarded with MSc (Top up) certification from University of Buckingham.

    Stage I

    Studying subjects:
    • Contemporary Issues and Principles of Marketing (20 credits)
    • Consumer Behaviour and Market Communications (20 credits)
    • Digital and Social Media Marketing (20 credits)
    • Contemporary Challenges and Strategic Marketing (20 credits)
    • Strategic Brand Management (20 credits)
    • Marketing Research Project (20 credits)

    Stage II

    Work-based dissertation:
    • Consultancy Project Report (60 Credits) – compulsory

      The MSc (top up) consists of a compulsory single module ‘Consultancy Project Report’ worth 60 credits. The module provides the opportunity for you to examine an area of particular interest within an appropriate organisational context. The module is designed to make a major contribution to your professional and intellectual development, through enabling you to demonstrate your capacity for sustained independent thought, learning and critical reflection. 

      The purpose of this programme is to deliver a practical and realistic solution to a business-related strategic challenge, which in turn is supported by appropriate reference to theoretical and conceptual analysis. 

    You will evidence this by producing a ‘Consultancy Project Report’ of 12,000 words.

    Entry requirements
    • Must have Bachelor or equivalent diploma.
    • Mature learners (over 21) with management experience (learners must check with the delivery centre regarding this experience prior to registering for the programme)
    • Adults with lesser qualification but posses years' of experience in Strategic Marketing will also be considered.
    Assessment and verification

    All units within diploma level 7 qualifications are internally assessed by KIMT and externally verified by OTHM. And modules under top up qualification are internally assessed by London Graduate Schools (LGS) and externally assessed by the university. The qualifications are criterion referenced, based on the achievement of all the specified learning outcomes.

    To achieve a ‘pass’ for a unit, learners must provide evidence to demonstrate that they have fulfilled all the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by all assessment criteria. Judgement that the learners have successfully fulfilled the assessment criteria is made by the Assessor.

    Study Method

    The MSc in Strategic Marketing is studied 100% online through the virtual learning platform with tutor support.

    You will receive excellent support from the academic team, including your programme manager and your supervisor who will be with you every step of the way.

    Course Fees

    Please get in touch with us to get the most up-to-date course fee for this programme.

    Delivery Institution

    This program is delivered by London Graduate School and awarded by University of Buckingham, UK.


    Overall programmes could be completed in one academic year or may be studied part-time over two terms.