Financial, technological and regulatory innovations have increased the complexity of the financial markets. To understand it, the availability of data is an essential vector. Technological innovation enables the production, access and analysis of big data. Long-term analysis provides lessons for understanding contemporary contexts marked by frequent crisis and strong integration of financial markets.
The work of teacher-researchers in finance analyzes new strategies aimed at consolidating the financial and organizational performance of companies and banks, in particular through the adoption of new technologies and restructuring operations (mergers and acquisitions, privatization, etc.). The innovation has also brought about changes in consumers’ payment habits: the substitution of means of payment poses new challenges for financial systems.
The work also focuses on the role of performance and regulations in the financing of businesses, particularly SMEs. They also study the performance of investments in investment funds by examining the relationship between their cost, quality and advice. Furthermore, performance can be understood not only from a market perspective, but also from a societal perspective through alternative forms of finance.


  • Dr. Rajib Datta
  • Dr. Syed Ahmed Salman